Lundeen SidedressLundeen Farms is a family faming operation engaged in the production of corn and soybeans. We take pride in Continuing America's Greatest Tradition, the tradition of family values and safe food production. Since 1875 we have been one of Illinois family farms producing the commodities that feed and fuel the world. It is evident through our management style and farming practices that we value agronomic principles.  Our goal as an organization is to maximize efficiency and production while preserving the land and maintaining high environmental stewardship. Through land preservation and improved soil fertility, we have truly been able to Continue America's Greatest Tradition. Take a closer look at our farming operation and contact us for a partnership in farm management, land rental, or consultation. We are determined to make sure that our values and goals align with yours so that you can achieve the best return on your investment and your principles.


Technology and Investment

Advances in global positioning and software has allowed farmers the opportunity to cut costs in ways never before achievable. We have invested the resources necessary to insure that we remain competitive in every aspect of production and management.Corn and Soybeans From collecting planting data, yield data, eliminating overplanting, and on farm research, our information management allows for a better understanding of overall crop performance year in and year out. The challenge in today's industry is no longer collecting information, it's how you analyze and put that information to use. As inputs become more expensive and commodities more valuable, mistakes in production are magnified and the resulting impact can reduce revenue well below the cost of implementing improved technology. Cost controls allow for our partners to maintain the level of profitability that they deserve is this era of production agriculture. Investments in infrastructure and delivery systems have allowed those who rely on a maximum return on their investments to be successful. We truly appreciate the opportunity to grow our business so that others can grow with us.



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