Our farm history dates back to 1875 when the farm was first established. In an era of intense diversification, our family farm wasengaged in livestock and crop production. After years of improved technology and a steady trend in overall farm decline, our family farm has remained active in production agriculture. In a new era of rapid change and increased competition, we have been striving to maintain the values that helped start our farming operation. Soil fertility and land conservation are among those values. From crop production to farm management, we are taking on the challenge of Continuing America’s Greatest Tradition.


1930s Lundeen Farm Old
1930s Lundeen Hay Loft
1987 Lundeen Farms 1987
1999 1999 Lundeen Farm


2003 Harvest
2004 2004 Planting
2005 2005 Harvest
2010 2010 Grain Bins
2012 2012 Lundeen Farms Shed

Lundeen Farms aerial view from harvest; photo by DL Productions

Farmstead aerial 2013; Photo by DL Productions

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